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TV and voting services

We have executed TV votings and other interactive TV services since 1999. We cooperate with all TV networks and production companies. Our long term partners include Nelonen, YLE and MTV.

Our voting and interactive solutions are turnkey solutions. We handle the connections to the operators/online banks/credit card companies, agreements, technology and other payment operator or device related matters. We also handle the required hardware, infrastucture and service implementation. If you wish this implementation includes integration (XML) with TV network equipment and live broadcast.

The only thing you need is a network connection.

The services may be with or without charge to the consumer. We remit the service revenue to our customer on a monthly basis.


Our voting service is a multi-channel solution.

The consumers may vote with an SMS, phone call, online or with a mobile device. The consumer may vote one vote at a time or a set of 5-100 votes.

The consumer can pay with a phone bill (SMS, phone call or mobile payment), online bank, credit card or free promotion code.

Our service automatically detects the device type (phone, tablet or desctop) and adjusts accordingly offering the easiest and quickest voting method.

Our customer can follow the voting with the browser. The reporting is online. Once a vote has been given it shows on the report.

Our service includes advance marketing, voter rewarding and any other program related promotions.

We have executed almost all of the largest TV votings in Finland (The Voice of Finland, UMK, Tähdet tähdet, Idols, Putous, Kingi, Tanssii Tähtien Kanssa, Big Brother, Syksyn Sävel, Splash, Kuorosota, Dancing On Ice, Dance, Suomen paras kuoro and several others).

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Other TV services

In an interacrive TV service the user interface can be Internet, phone (browser based or application), SMS or a phone call. The data is relayed to the host to the live broadcast.

Second Screen and other TV services. The service is for the consumers what you want. We are your technical solution and service provider.

Even though the named services are mainly tailor made for a single program we do have a wide selection of ready concepts.

Ask us. We will find the perfect solution for you.

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