Do you need a partner or a solution provider for your idea or service?

SMS and mobile services

We are the oldest and most experienced operative mobile service provider in Finland. We have developed numerous SMS and mobile services directly to our customers or turned them into concepts during the past 20 years.

You can choose an existing service from our service porfolio. If a suitable service is not found we will deliber a turnkey solution to meet your demands.

We handle the connections to the operators, agreements, technology and any other operator, phone or operating system related matters. We provide the hardware and infrastructure required to implement the service.

As our customer you will get access to our real time reporting. That is all you need.

The services may be with or without charge to the consumer. The amount is added to the consumers phone bill and we remit the service revenue to our customer on a monthly basis.

Please note that if you seek a solution provider and partner we also do self-financed development. The sole requirement for our partnership is that we believe in you and your idea and can see that we can get the development costs back in the future.

SMS services

Existing SMS services and concepts:

  • SMS marketing campaigns
  • SMS payments
  • SMS voting
  • SMS charity
  • SMS tickets and coupons
  • SMS contest or quiz
  • SMS orders and deliveries
  • SMS alerts
  • SMS auctions
  • SMS reader contests, offers etc.
  • SMS event notifications
  • digital content (music etc) order and delivery

In addition to those above we have various other solutions available.

Contact us and we will find the perfect solution for you!

Mobile services

We develop both browser and application based mobile services to our customers.

Mobile services are generally tailor made for a single customer.

Mobile services are often part of a multi-channel service.

Describe us what you need and ask for an offer, we promise to be cost effective!

SMS Gateway

Our SMS Gateway service provides a powerful solution for sending and receiving SMS messages.

SMS Gateway enables us to implement operator independent one-way (from company's service to consumer) or two-way (constumer to company / company to consumer) communication between the company and the consumer.

We take care of the connections to the operator and technology. We will provide one simple and easy to use interface (http) to send and receive messages from your service.

If you need a short code either with or without charge, you can use our existing short codes or apply for a new one. We will help you with the application process.

It is also possible that you make your own agreements of the short codes directly with the operators and our role is solely your technical solution provider. We take care only of the connections to the operators and technology. The operator will invoice and remit you directly.

If you want to benefit from SMS messaging in your own business and wish to leave the technology and software development to us, don't hesitate to contact us!

IP / Mobile Payment Gateway

Our IP / Mobile Payment Gateway service offers a powerful and simple solution to those customers who wish to include an easy to user mobile payment to their mobile and online services.

We take care of the connections to the operators and technology for you. We provide one simple and easy to user interface for handling mobile payments.

To put it simple: Your application sends us the shopping cart, the consumer pays the cart and then your application receives confirmation of the payment. That's it!

You can use our agreements with the operators if you wish or make your own deals with the operators when we will be the technical solution provider. As you wish.

Click, click, payment accepted! If you want to benefit from an easy to use and quick mobile payment system and leave the technology to the professionals, don't hesitate to contact us!