We keep what we promise


SecuryCast Oy is a privately owned software company which was founded 2003. Our office is in Otaniemi, Espoo. During the first years in 2003-2006 the company worked mainly on developing online music stores and digital content distribution services. During those years the company made distribution agreements with music labels and created the first commercial online music download shop for NetAnttila (today digianttila.com). In 2006 the company aquired Dialtone Oy (founded 1993). Dialtone Oy's main business area was mobile services and at that time particularly SMS services.


Today we provide technical solutions for our customers' industry services. We have service solutions and concepts ready for several industries. Our main goal is to develop modern multi channel services - the big picture - cost effectly and ensuring high quality. Easy to use is our theme. Here are some of our main business areas in brief.

Mobile services

During the past 20 years we have executed a number of SMS and mobile services either directly to our customers or by creating concepts suitable for the whole industry. We are the oldest and most experienced mobile service provider in Finland. We are the market leader in creating services for TV and production companies, charity organisations, lottery operators and brands.

Payment services

We provide easy to use payment solutions for online and mobiles services. The consumer can pay using mobile payment, online bank, credit card, SMS, promotion code or invoice. Our service detects the type of the consumer's device (phone, tablet or desktop) and adjusts the user interface accordingly. We also provide services which are directly integrated to the customer's service.

Digital services

Besides turnkey solutions for online music download services we provide digital content distribution interface services. You can distribute digital content in your service from our service easily and quickly. We have pioneered a number of modern and succesful digital concepts with brands where the network and mobility have been effectively taken account of.


Our customer is important. If our customer succeeds we will succeed. Traditional Finnish honesty, plain-spokeness and openness are among our values. We keep what we promise. Another important value for us is helping others and charity. We have been a partner with the charity organisations since 1999 providing them cost efficient and modern solutions to help and support their precious fund raising.

Success is not the key to happiness; happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.