Partner, techical solution provider or service provider?

Payment services

Our online and mobile payment solutions

We offer easy to use interface to our payment services to online and mobile services.

The consumer can pay using mobile payment, online bank, credit card, SMS, promotion code or invoice.

Click, Click. ”Thank you, the transaction is complete”

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TV and voting services

Our interactive services

We have executed TV votings and other interactive TV services since 1999.

We cooperate with all the TV stations and prodction companies.

Our long time parters include Nelonen, YLE ja MTV.

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Charity and lottery

Our charity and lottery services

One of our most important values is helping others and charity.

We are partners with charity and lottery operators. We offer our partners our extensive experience and modern and cost effective services to support their fund raising.

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SMS and mobile services

Our SMS services

SMS messaging services, mobile services, SMS Gateway services tai mobile payment gateway services, easily and cost effectively.

Ready turnkey solutions for companies, both small and large!

Ask and we will check if we can find a sopution for You!

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Online and mobile download services

Our online and mobile download services

The first commercial music download service,, was opened in 2005.

We provide turnkey e-commerce and mobile solutions for the traditional stores, physical music retailers, music whole salers, artists, bands, radio stations, etc.

Ask, we have experience since 2005.

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Digital content solutions

Our digital content solutions

We have agreements with labels, publishers and copyright organisations.
Our content database contains over 18 million digital products.

Are you searching for music, e-books, audio books or karaoke videos? Ask us, we have a solution ready for you!

Our service is suitable for webshops where you want to integrate digital content, background music or DJ service or any other service where a large selection of music is required.

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Exclusive services

Our exclusive services

Exclusive solutions are dealt case by case, Räätälöidyt ratkaisut käsitellään aina tapauskohtaisesti, describe what you need and we will contact you!

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