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License and permit services

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License and permit service allow the consumer to pay for the service by phone call, text message or online payment. The license seller can see the bought licenses and permits in the reporting and the consumer receives the license to his mobile phone as a text message.

“1-day permit. Permit is valid until hh:mm. The issuer is XXX.”

You will receive user credentials for accessing the online reporting. You can verify whether permit is valid.

Payment methods and possible permit prices

  • Service numbers 3,09 – 49,99€/permit per call pulse.
  • Text messages 1 – 50€/permit, equal euros.
  • Online payments, all prices possible.
  • Permit can be with or without VAT.

Please ask for additional information about pricing details!

Service description

Service number:

When the consumer calls the number, he will first hear the price information. After that he will hear the confirmation “Your call has been registered. You will receive a receipt by text message. Thank you for call, goodbye.”. Finally, the consumer will receive the permit by text message.

Text message:

The consumer sends text message XXPERMIT to number 16XXX and receives the permit by return message.

Online payment:

The consumer adds the permit to the shopping cart and makes the online payment. Available payment methods include all online banks, payment cards and mobile payment methods. After the payment the consumer will receive the receipt and the permit is sent by text message.

Ask us which solution would be best for you! You can select all the payment methods or just the single one which best suits Your needs!