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Digital content solutions

You can easily add our digital content as a part of your existing webshop or service by using our digital content distribution interface. New products are added to our database automatically and then updated to our customer's service.

Our solution enables various promotion campaigns where the consumer can redeem digital content such as music or lottery tickets with a code.

Our Digilabel service is directed to bands, artists and small labels so they can get their digital content published quickly, easily and effectively to the commercial download and streaming services.

Digital content delivery platform

If you need fresh music to your service or you want to integrate music as a part of your existing service we have a prefect solution for you. Our service is suitable for:

  • online show where you want to integrate digital content
  • jukebox or background music service
  • DJ communities or gym instructors
  • radio stations
  • any other service where an extensive music selection is required

We have over 18 million digital products in our database.

It is very easy to connect to our service and it can be done in a few days.

Promotion campaigns

We have executed a large number of promotion campaigns where he consumer can redeem digital content with a campaign code:

  • Case Intersport: When a customer bought Adidas products exceeding a certain amount he was rewarded with a code which could be used to download a music album from a tailor made service.
  • Case Finnair Plus: The customer can download music using his mileage points.
  • Case SMS commercial: A code is delivered in the text of the commercial which can be used to download music, vote in a TV show etc.

The Digilabel

We transfer music to most popular domestic and international download and streaming services including DigiAnttila, Musa24, iTunes and Spotify. We help domestic operators to get their music to the market as quickly and easily as possible. You can communicate with us either in Finnish or English. We take care of all agreements, copyright and license compensations.
We also take care of the money flow control and sales reporting of the digital content.

The simpliest way to establish this is to send CDs to us. We will add them to our content database and from there to the rest of the world. We also can receive music which is in digital format already. We perform the media conversions when necessary before we send the content forward.