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Payment services

We develop turnkey solutions to our customers.

We offer an easy to use interface to our interface to our payment services for online and mobile shops.

The consumers may pay using mobile payment, online bank, credit card, premium SMS, PIN code or invoice. Our service automatically detects the device type (phone, tablet or desctop) and adjusts accordingly offering the easiest and quickest payment menthod. The payment service is device and operating system independent.

Click, click. ”Thank you, your payment has been processed”. Easy as pie.

We provide a simple interface to which your mobile or online service connects. We have also implemented integrated payment solutions.

Payment service interface

  • redirect from customer's website to payment service
  • return back to customer's website after succesful payment
  • payment event notification to the customer's back end service in the background (communication between the servers)
  • payment operator details, status codes, checksums IP addresses and other parameters
  • HTTP/GET and usage

Contact us for the interface description.

Payment service description

The consumer collects items to the shopping cart in your online or mobile service. When the cart is ready the consumer is redirected to checkout in our payment service.

Redirection happens in the manner described in the interface description. The view in the payment service is the same as in your website. The consumer will not notice any changes when redirected to the payment service.

The consumer selects the payment method in our service. The available methods include mobile payment, online bank, credit card, voucher / PIN code or invoice.

When the payment transaction is complete the consumer is redirected back to your website. The payment service relays the payment details to your server in the background.

The payment flow can be implemented completely to look like you! Ask us how especially your checkout should be implemented!

Mobile Payment Gateway

Our Mobile Payment Gateway is a powerful and easy to use solution for those customers who wish to add mobile payments to their mobile services.

We will take care of the connections to the operators and technology. We will provide a simple and easy to use interface to implement the mobile payment.

To put it simple: your application sends us a shopping cart, the consumer pays and your application receives the payment details.
That's it.

You can use our agreements with the operators if you wish or make your own deals with the operators when we will be the technical solution provider. As you wish.

Click, click, payment accepted! If you want to benefit from an easy to use and quick mobile payment system and leave the technology to the professionals, don't hesitate to contact us!