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Payment solutions

We offer online shops and mobile shops an easy to implement interface to our payment services.

Your end user can choose to pay using mobile payment, online banking, a credit card, SMS, promotion code or invoice.

Click, Click. ”Thank you, the transaction is complete.”

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TV and
voting services

We have produced TV votings and other interactive TV services since 1999.

We cooperate with all TV networks and production companies.

We have been partners for a long time with Nelonen, YLE and MTV.

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Charity and lottery

One of our most important values is helping others and charity.

We are partners with charity and lottery operators. We offer our partners our extensive experience and modern and cost effective services to support their fund raising.

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Text Messaging and Mobile Services

Text messaging services, mobile services, SMS Gateway services or mobile payment gateway services easy and cost efficient.

Ready ”turn key” solutions for companies, small or big alike!

Ask and let us find the right solution for you!

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Online and mobile shop solutions

We opened the first commercial music download service, digianttila, in Finland already in 2005.

We provide turnkey e-commerce and mobile solutions for traditional stores, music retailers, music whole salers, artists, bands, radio stations, etc.

Ask, we have experience since 2005.

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Digital content solutions

We have agreements with labels, publishers and copyright organisations. Our content database contains over 18 million digital products.

Are you looking for music, e-books, audio books or karaoke videos? Ask us, we have a solution ready!

Our service is suitable for online shop holders who want to integrate digital content, background music or DJ service or any other service that requires a wide selection of music is required .

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License and permit services

License and permit service allow the consumer to pay for the service by phone call, text message or online payment.

The license seller can see the bought licenses and permits in the reporting and the consumer receives the license to his mobile phone as a text message.

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We do cooperations with many different stakeholder groups.

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